About Us

International Driving School (IDS) of SeaTac was officially opened in 2012. Driving instruction is offered by professional licensed instructors with years of experience in both teen and adult traffic safety education. Our instructors are fluent in English and Amharic

Why Choose Us?

  • Great Experience
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Flexible Self Scheduling
  • Licensed Multi-Lingual Instructors
  • Professional & Friendly Teaching staff
  • State Approved Driver License Knowledge & Skills Exam Center
About Us

Our Team

We have a dedicated staff who always work hard around the clock to provide good customer service with great respect and professionalism.


Fessessu Warga

Manager/Master Examiner/Instructor

Bilingual (Amharic and English Speaker). Background educator. Licensed Driving instructor since 2007.Great passion and inspiration to teach young people.


Nigist Azale

Certified Instructor/Examiner

Bilingual (Amharic and English). Expert in customer service. Happy to work with people.


Bryan Davis

Lead Instructor/Examiner

Exceptionally long driver teaching experience (since 1998). Friendly and happy to work with teen student drivers.


Hadi S. Debssa


Good customer service and teaching experience.

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