DOL Testing

sorry! IDS is not availabe for DOL Testing service  at this time.

NOTICE: Applying for your “FIRST” License or Instruction Permit? You must pre-apply online at www.dol.wa.gov; Join License Express and receive a confirmation email with a confirmation ID code.

You must “join now” at the Department of Licensing homepage for your License Express account so we can upload your test scores to the State database. Go to www.dol.wa.gov and click “Join Now.” Have your personal information and email ready so you can confirm your account. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ADMINISTER your test until you have acquired your “confirmation code”. You must present valid identification prior to taking either/both exams.

What you will need for your driving test

Has your license or permit expired?

We provide a “Temporary Driving Permit” for testing purposes.


You must provide proof of “current” insurance on the vehicle you will be testing in.


Vehicle in good working condition:

  1. Brakes and all 3 brake lights
  2. Turn lights
  3. Seatbelts
  4. Passenger door (must open and close from inside and outside)
  5. Driver door window (must roll down far enough to allow you to use hand signals)
  6. Mirrors (outside left and inside rearview, or outside left and outside right)
  7. Windshield wipers, headlights and defroster (if weather requires)

DOL Testing Prices:

  • Written Know Exam (2 attempts) = $35
  • Skills Exam w/your/school vehicle = $70
  • Skills Exam w/40 min. Practice = $150
  • Interpreted/Oral Know Exam (1 attempt) = $100


  • Availability by prepaid appointment only
  • Knowledge Exam availability 10 am – 12 pm walk-in or by appointment
  • Skills Test by appointment only.
DOL Testing

Online payment and refund policy

  • Pay the test fee $$$
  • Call our office line to set up appointment
  • No refund for no-show or late cancellation
  • At least a 24-hour notice is required to change /cancel your appointment and to request a refund.
  • Refund is issued only in the Company’s business check.